ELSAM TRAINING & CONSULTING SRL offers a specialization course – Private Detective (R3/C.O.R. 3335504), in DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE AND ADMINISTRATION occupational field.

The graduation of the course (passing the exam + attendance) provides an ANC (National Authority of Certification) specialization certificate in Private Detective field, national recognized.
This certificate is necessary under the provisions of art. 6 letter e) from Law no. 329/2003, to allow the participants to take the final exam which is hold in the last month of each trimester ending (date and time are announced 30 days before the exam) at the D.G.P.M.B headquarters for the last accreditation to become a Private Detective.

Can follow this course (under the provisions of Law no. 329/2003):
– people who poses medium studies and graduated a private detective college
– people who worked as policeman or had other function in public defense or national security
– people who graduated a superior studies

Necessary papers for application:
– application form
– Studies Diploma
– Criminal record

The course last 3 weeks (15 working days) and it ends with an exam.
The exam is composed of 2 parts – a written exam and a final paper.
1) Written exam – 18 multiple-choice questions from legislation
2) Final paper – case study

Fields and course themes:

Module 1 – Administration

Topic 1.1 – Managing the process, the materials and equipped equipment;
Topic 1.2 – Documents processing;
Module 2 – General abilities at workplace
Topic 2.1 – Communication at workplace;
Topic 2.2 – Contract closure;
Topic 2.3 – Teamwork;

Module 3 – Investigation
Topic 3.1 – Documentation over the case;
Topic 3.2 – Finishing;
Topic 3.3 – Gaining the elements and means to prove;

Module 4 – Planning
Topic 4.1 – Developing action strategies;
Topic 4.2 – Planning your own actions.

The registration fee is 2,000 lei / participant, the fee is paid before the course starts.
* Students will receive on-line course support on the first day of the course.